Not just a smart technology, we forge smart partnerships


Henry Bee (CEO Cassia Research), Harry Mclaughlin (CEO TRIDUS Wealth Management)

Cassia Research And TRIDUS Forge A Partnership To Build The Tesla Of The Investing World And We’re Making It Accessible

Our smart platform puts risk management technology used by some of the world’s biggest hedge funds in the hands of any investor. Meanwhile, Tridus is the first paperless, office-less, full-service wealth management firm in Canada. With this partnership, we are building the Tesla of the investment world. Tesla is recognized for its unparalleled safety records and leading fuel efficiency, paired with a luxury experience. Together, Cassia and Tridus give Canadians that Tesla level of safety, efficiency and a minimal environmental footprint with the added benefit of being affordable and therefore accessible to all Canadian investors.

“The biggest logjam for financial advisers is that they are working off multiple systems that do not communicate with each other. We’re about solving the asymmetry of information between the producer and the consumer, and providing the financial management tools that until now have been only available to the rich. Put simply, everybody has the right to have a financial seat belt. It shouldn’t just be reserved for the Rolls-Royce owners.” Henry Bee, CEO Cassia Research

Quoted from Globe and Mail article, Read the full article here.

You often hear about smart electronics, smart machines, smart applications and so on. The Cassia-Tridus partnership signifies two smart companies forming a smart partnership. Today’s Fintechs are specialized and excel in their offering. They need to remain focused in order to dominate in their area of expertise. As a result, Fintechs are forming smart partnerships. They’re building an ecosystem where customers have access to handpick the best financial products and services available to them rather than going to a traditional financial institution. Their digital operations and advanced technologies provide an ease of doing business with multiple service providers online rather than relying on a traditional financial institution as a one stop shop that offers many services, but specializes in none. Smart partnerships offer diverse options, trust, affordability, and a higher quality of services for customers.

“The need for this new way of doing things is coming from both sides, from the clients and advisors who are feeling the pain of lack of innovation,” Henry Bee, CEO Cassia Research

Quoted from Betakit, Read the full article here.

Build your practice on the backs of 3 Nobel prizes — Prospect Theory, MPT, and GARCH. 

See what GARCH can do for you.
See what GARCH can do for you.
Build your practice on the backs of 3 Nobel prizes — Prospect Theory, MPT, and GARCH.